Antigua Fuerteventura

Formally the capital of the island (even if it was for just a year), Antigua is a picturesque town with a small population of around three thousand and an area encompassing two hundred and fifty square kilometres.

Relax in Antigua

Its a quite town, great for relaxing in what is such a beautiful setting. There are some lovely buildings to check out such as the now restored windmill where you can purchase local products from the store inside.

If you want more shopping then try to time your visit on a day when the local market is active.


Antigua Church

The church dates back to the late eighteen hundreds and is officially known as Cruz de los Caldos. It’s immaculately looked after by the locals with gorgeous flowers and trees surrounding it.

Everything you Need

The village also has the usual amenities you would expect such as a post office, grocery shop, doctors and so on.

The church hall is the focal point of the community. Traditionally Antigua has been an agriculture area but as the tourism industry grows, its younger residents become drawn to the resorts when looking for work.