El Cotillo

You will find El Cotillo located to the north west of Fuerteventura. It is a small quite village but its popularity is certainly on the up due to its various natural attractions.

Beach Pathways

When you reach the cliffs of El Cotillo, there are some lovely pathways leading down to one of my all time favourite beaches – Playa del Castillo.

Not far from here you can easily get to the beaches of Playa del Ajibe and Aguila.

Water Sports El Cotillo

For beach lovers this is really a paradise while water sports enthusiasts will find great opportunities for surfing and other pursuits. It is not unusual for the winter to bring massive waves which can occasionally cause damage.

This can be a worry for surfers of of course take care and go with someone who is experienced.

4×4 Car Hire Fuerteventura

If you hire a four wheel drive in Fuerteventura then you should have no trouble driving on the rough roads on top of the cliff but its not recommended otherwise

Eating out in El Cotillo

There are a few excellent places to sample some local food produce within the village particularly along the old harbor.


Keep an eye out for the fort (Fortaleza del Tostón) which dates back over 200 years and formally offered a method of defense for locals.