Fuerteventura Bike Rental

Biking in Fuerteventura is a fun activity which is also great for keeping you in shape while holiday temptations loom large. There are quite a few companies who organise groups which are great as these are the guys who know the terrain well and will have everything planned down to a tee.

One of the main biking companies on the island is called Easy Riders. They provide all types of bikes for both adults and children, suitable for all sorts of terrain. Enjoy the ride as they take you around all the finest routes the island has to offer. Their sightbiking tours go further afield to locations such as Villaverde and Lobos. You don’t have to go on a tour of course, just rent a bike and make your own way if you wish.


Volcano bikes are another company you could consider. They have been around for a long time now and have built up a good name for themselves. Again they provide a variety of bikes and tours similar to Easy Riders.