Fuerteventura Carnival

You are always guaranteed a great time whenever you come across a carnival in Fuerteventura.

Spring Time Festivals in Fuerteventura

These events usually take place between the months of January and April and are held throughout the various towns on the island.

Live Music

Live music is a big draw with local culture celebrated. There are lots of parades. dancers and other visual delights as the island bursts into life.

The atmosphere builds throughout the week climaxing at the weekend with a huge party as people dance on the streets.

Party Time in Fuerteventura

It’s gonna to be a long night so remember to pace yourselves so as not miss out on anything. There are also plenty of fun places to keep the kids happy.

Don’t Miss Out

Carnival is a big part of the islands history and something which is great to experience for visitors to the island.