Kite Festival Fuerteventura

Beginning 26 years back, the kite festival in Fuerteventura has been a highlight of the local calendar for many years now.

Corralejo Kite Festival

It normally takes place on the 2nd week of November for a duration of three days. The location is in Corralejo on a beach called La Playa del Burro.

People from all over come to take part with a large influx in particular coming from Germany and England.

Free Fly Day

The first day of the festival is very relaxed with a so called free fly day on the beach as free t shirts are handed out.

The next day things get more serious as the work of some of the best participants can be viewed while a night show follows at Playa de Corralejo.

Childrens Day

The biggest day of the event is Sunday. Hundreds of kites are made available to kids creating a multicoloured sky.

Treats are dropped from the skies as children try catch what they can.

Finally a kite fight takes place between two specially designed kites with the winner being the last to fall.