La Oliva

La Oliva was once the capital of Fuerteventura holding the title for over two centuries. It has a population of about ten thousand.

Casa de los Coroneles

An indication of this past history can be found in one of the villages main attractions – Casa de los Coroneles which was once the meeting place of the local leaders but now acts as a museum offering some interesting exhibits for visitors.

As you enter the building you will notice a coat of arms featuring a crown, goat plus a tree.

An old saying expressed by locals was that the building had three hundred and sixty five windows (like days of the year) which apparently alluded to the wealthiness of the inhabitants.

Parroquiade Nuestra Seiiora de Candelaria

There is a beautiful church located here known as Parroquiade Nuestra Seiiora de Candelaria. Visitors can view a painting by Juan de Miranda inside called The Last Judgment while the bell tower can be seen from all around.


Local Art

The Casa Mane features works of art from famed locals. You can find a sculpture section on the ground floor as well as new exhibits while the below floor features lots of great contemporary works.