Morro Jable

Extremely popular with German visitors, Morro Jable has grown rapidly over the years from the small little fishing village it once was.

Growing Popularity

There are now over eight thousand people living here compared to just two hundred back in the nineteen eighties.

Access to the area was improved in eighty two when the main road was competed. Before this it was just a sand dirt track.

Beaches, Bars and Restaurants in Morro Jable

Once this was in place the popularity of the area began to grow. You can enjoy some great beach life around here as you would expect with lots of great restaurants, bars, hotels and other amenities on offer.


There are beaches which stretch over thirty kilometres and people will find plenty to do besides soaking up the sun with a multitude of water sports on offer.

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Fishing and Village Life

Not everything has changed since tourism really took off. Much of the old village is still there for everyone to see with fishing still happening daily at the old harbour.