Spur of the Moment Car Hire

Many of us have so many day to day responsibilities that the opportunity to do something in the spur of the moment rarely occurs. If you do find yourself with some unexpected free time though why not take advantage of it? and book some time away.

There are often some great deals to be found this way. Take our car hire at Fuerteventura Airport service for instance. So you decided right I’m getting away this weekend and I’m gonna book everything today. When you search for a quote for pickup on April 20th and return on April 22nd there are cars as cheap as £27.49

How cheap is that! At the time of writing there are one hundred and seventeen cars available for these dates with a large amount of them available for under fifty pounds.


With so much variety on offer you are sure to find the car you want at the right price. It can be easy to convince yourself that no, it will be too expensive or its too short notice but you never know until you check whats available.