Stand up Paddle Boarding

The sport of stand up paddle boarding continues to be a popular option in Fuerteventura.

History of Paddle Boarding

It originated in Hawaii back in the sixties as a training technique for surfing.

Since then its has grown as a sport in its own right due in no small part to the fact that’s its easier for people to get used to with a small learning curve.

Get Boarding

You also don’t need to be waiting for a day when the waves are good as even on a calm day you can get on your board.

You just go along at whatever speed you wish taking in all the fabulous surroundings.

Paddle Boarding Schools

There are a couple of school options available if you feel in need of an introduction to stand up paddle boarding.


The Flag Beach SUP Center have been providing courses for the last three years and provide an excellent choice of boards for students. The more experienced surfers are just as well catered for as the novices.

Lobos Island

Day trips to Lobos Island are also available for those of a certain skill level.