Stay Healthy in Fuerteventura

Its obviously a real downer to become ill while on holiday but if the worst happens, its important to be prepared.

Farmacia Fuerteventura

You should know that chemists in Fuerteventura are called Farmacia. They are easy to find so you should always have one within reasonable distance.

Opening times are similar to regular shops though weekends can be different. If you run out of something that you take regularly then make sure to bring any packaging you have with you.


Health Clinics

There are health clinics available should you need to see a doctor. You will probably have a bit of a wait but if its an emergency then make sure to go through the door marked Urgencias.

Spanish speaking shouldn’t be essential but it certainly helps.

Dentista Fuerteventura

If you need a dentist then the word is pretty similar – Dentista.

Look after Yourself

An upset stomach can be quite a common problem for holidaymakers. If you are affected then try to avoid alcohol and caffeine.

There can be a tendency to dive into things when on holiday but your stomach will thank you for holing back and taking a little care.