You will find the village of Tindaya located at the bottom of its namesake mountain. Its past is steeped in religious history which is shown today by the numerous carvings existing around the area which were actually only uncovered 35 years ago.  Locals believed the carvings helped keep the village safe from demons.

At the top of the mountain there are wonderful views to behold such as the Teide Volcano which is in Tenerife. You will notice that many carvings are faced in this direction as locals believed the volcano to be an evil spirit. Some of the rock from the mountain has been used for display at Fuerteventura Airport.

Goat farming has been a traditional source of income throughout the regions history. A recent project by sculptor Eduardo Chillida involves hollowing out a cube shape within the mountain. As well as this there are plans for a public park which would of course help attract more visitors. The project has not proved so popular with ecologists and environmental groups.