Yet another former capital of Fuerteventura is Betancuria. It was founded by Jean de Bethencourt at the beginning of the 15th century.


It was located in a valley with a mind to protecting the area from pirates, Unfortunately this did not work after an attack in the late sixteenth century destroyed much of the area.

After enjoying some years as the capital, Betancuria stepped aside and allowed La Olivia to take up the honour.

Archeological Sights

Casa Museo Arquebiologico is where you will find many archeological wonders. You can get a great insight into agricultural history as well as old customs here.

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For arts and other displays, visit the Centro Insular de Artesania.


Betancuria Church

The church was rebuilt towards the end of the seventeenth century and welcomes visitors daily, there is also a museum here to browse.

Local Crafts and Produce

The Casa Santa Maria’ is an excellent spot for picking up some hand made local goods. Watch on as their work comes to fruition or enjoy some food and drink at the nearby restaurant.